Winter Fun with Donna Erickson

Pioneer Press Lifestyle Columnist Donna Erickson stopped by with some fun family activities and crafts for the winter season.

Try at home!

1. Holiday Card Puzzle
-Turns cards into a game and puzzle for  your kids and family
-Cover small boxes, and decorate with holiday cards

2. “Sew Easy” Fleece Neck Warmers
-10 1/2 inches by 21 inches
-2/3 yards of 56-60 inch fleece
-Fold rectangle in half width-wise and then hem both sides

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Basil Soup 
-Texas Toast bread or bread 1/2 inch thick
-Use big cookie sheet pan for sandwiches
-450 °F  5-6 minutes on each side

For more winter craft ideas, head over to Donna’s Facebook page, click here.

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