College And Your Teeth

College can be a tough time to keep up with your dental health. Between the fast food and lack of adult supervision, what’s a college kid to do! Dr. Scott Shamblott from Shamblott Family Dentistry has some advice!

Good snacks for college that’ll help students keep their teeth in good shape include:

  • Almonds – low in sugar and a good source of calcium and protein
  • Apples – high in fiber and water
  • Cheese and Milk – another good source of calcium and can help prevent tooth decay
  • Sugar-free Gum – great to chew after dinner

Dr. Shamblott also recommends waiting at least an half an hour after eating sweets before brushing – it can literally grind the sugar into the teeth. Also don’t snack before bed, as saliva levels are lower during sleep. Plus, make sure to brush twice and floss once each day. For more from Shamblott Family Dentistry, including information about all of their services, click here.

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