Vegan Apple Cobbler

Lutunji Abram, founder of Lutunji’s Palate, specializes in delicious vegan desserts and food that helps her community. All of Lutunji’s food contributes to youth development, teen parental support, and assistance for men returning to society from incarceration.

Vegan Apple Cobbler Recipe


Canned sliced apples 6.26 lb (1 can)
Vanilla Extract 1 Tablespoon
Cornstarch solution • Water • cornstarch 3 cups water + ½ cup cornstarch, mix to form solution
White Sugar 2 cups
Brown Sugar 1 cup
Turmeric (ground) 1
Tablespoon Nutmeg (ground) 1
Tablespoon Ginger (ground) 1
Soy Free Vegan Butter ½ cup (1 stick)


Prepare materials

  • Check apple slices for stems and hard core pieces and remove from can. Add clean apples to pot.
  • Prepare corn starch solution and insure well mixed. Add solution to pot.
  • Weigh out remaining ingredients and add to pot.

Quality Check:

  • Remaining hard pieces in apples → poor finished product quality
  • No cornstarch solution → clumpy cornstarch in filling

Cook filling

  • Set stove to medium heat.
  • Place pot over burner and stir consistently until filling reaches a bowl. Filling will thicken as you stir.
  • Remove pot from stove promptly after reaching a boil.

Quality Check:

  • No stirring → burnt sugar at bottom of pot
  • Boiling too long → apples to soft
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