Elizabeth’s AAA Minneapolis Girls Trip to Nashville: Shopping at Lemon Laine

Twin Cities Live and AAA Minneapolis took a fantastic long weekend trip to Nashville and Elizabeth is making sure the rest of us don’t miss out on the fun! Forty TCL fans were part of the group and Elizabeth was able to help plan a special, exclusive event for them. It was a private shopping experience at wellness and beauty shop Lemon Laine. The shop is in growing East Nashville and happens to be owned by Elizabeth’s sister’s best friend. Elizabeth was so excited to reunite with Laura Lemon and share her fabulous shop with the Minnesota ladies.

The best part of this trip? All of the details were handled by AAA Minneapolis. The experts at AAA Minneapolis can help you book airfare, hotel, and get you tickets to the most popular attractions before it’s too late. Contact them online or call their office at (952) 927-2525.

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