Big Stone Sculptures and Mini Golf

There are very few spots where you can see farm animals, sculptures and play a round of mini golf all in one spot, but Big Stone Sculptures and Mini Golf isn’t like most places.

Big Stone is in Chanhassen on several acres of land. The sculptures are done by artists all over the country. Big Stone Advancing Arts is a non-profit that tries to get these works of art seen all over the U.S. The art is displayed among the mini golf holes. Nearby, you’ll see animals. Not only is the resident dog around to greet guests, but there’s a pig, cow, horse, goats, and chickens, too.

Big Stone truly is a place that everyone can have fun, no matter how old or young. The mini golf course has a unique feel because all of the holes have a lot of character and flare. They’re unlike most courses you’ll see. There’s a “holy ship”, “wiggly worm” and a “dead tree forest” among the fun.

The course is open most of the year, but is of course weather dependent. To learn more about Big Stone Sculptures and Mini Golf

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