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Terry John Zila has been experimenting in the kitchen most of his life. Twenty years in the restaurant industry has exposed him to a wide variety of cooking styles. In his private dining events and in-home cooking classes, he uses that culinary knowledge to create unique events. Whatever cuisine you might have in mind, be it Asian, European or American cuisines, he can create the exact culinary experience you’re looking for.

Terry operates johnjeanjuan, a wedding cake and special occasion dessert business, Terry John Zila Catering and Sel et Terre, his monthly pop-up restaurant and also teaches at Grand Fete in Hudson Wisconsin

He has appeared on the Food Network’s Bakers Vs. Fakers, DIY Network’s Curb Appeal and appears regularly as a Food and Entertaining Contributor for KSTP’s Twin Cities Live and the Matt McNeil Show on AM 950 KTNF Radio.

Personal Interests:
Tennis, Running, Swimming and Lifting, Gardening, Farming & Landscaping, Architecture, Construction & Design and, of course, Cooking in all its forms.


Terry John Zila Catering

Terry John Zila

Terry John Zila
Sel et Terre
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Terry John Zila Catering
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