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Senia Mae fell in love with holistic healing over a decade ago and quit her pragmatic engineering career to bring holistic health to the Twin Cities. She earned her Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine summa cum laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University and studied at the largest Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital in the world in Tianjin, China. She’s a Licensed Acupuncturist through the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and a nationally board-certified herbalist.

She founded Healing InSight Acupuncture | Herbs | Food Therapy and built a team of expert practitioners who specialize in treating digestive issues, chronic pain, women’s health and anti-aging. Senia is a renowned holistic health expert in the Twin Cities and has been featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine, Pioneer Press, Star Tribune, Women’s Health and FM107.

She loves taking the woo-woo factor out of acupuncture and making it approachable for everyday people, as well as sharing holistic remedies to take the guesswork out of self-care. It has always been her dream to be the Holistic Health Expert on Twin Cities Live and she’s excited every time she goes on the show! Senia spends her days doing acupuncture in her sunny, aqua-infused clinic on Grand Avenue and her weekends decorating yet another room in her old Victorian house with French furniture and damask wallpaper. In the summer you’ll find her training for her next cycling adventure in the French Alps with her physician husband.

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