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Expect life changes when you meet Nancy Stoneberg, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Strength Beyond the Gym. Bursting with energy, Nancy is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle with an 80/20 philosophy. 80% of the time in your life, make responsible decisions with exercise and nutrition and 20% of the time, relax and enjoy. She has a lifetime of experience behind her to help her clients achieve their goals by educating them along with the training, which empowers them for life. She’s had nearly 30 years in the fitness industry, first as a Champion National Natural Bodybuilder, and then making the perfect transition into personal training.

Nancy has been a part of TCL for more than five years and, because of her experience with the show and working with the staff, she produced her first exercise video directed towards those 55 and older. She’s been drawn to this population after realizing there’s very little available for our “Baby Boomers and Beyond.” Nancy has dedicated much of her time in training and educating 55+ and helping them realize it’s never too late to make a difference in their strength and wellness!

“TCL has made it possible for me to reach out and help so many more people, make positive changes in their lives, and every life I can help makes a difference!”

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