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Nancy Burgeson is a highly sought after instructor with over 45 years experience. Currently she instructs classes in several districts in the Twin Cities and also in out of town school districts as well. Generally during the year she will over over 75 classes and many demonstrations to groups of all kinds, and continues to love what she does. With an opportunity at Wilton Enterprises in Woodbridge, Illinois, Nancy fulfilled her true passion in baking and specialty candy making classes and took a position with the company working for them for over 12 years. Wilton is known for its baking classes all over the world. Nancy held several positions within the company and went on to become a regional coordinator working with baking instructors in a 5 state area doing ongoing training and hiring. She won many awards within the company as teacher of the year and was inducted into the Wilton Hall of Fame. Nancy’s skills in working with people led her to a position with Bloomington Schools and her position evolved into a Senior Youth and family Coordinator. Although job satisfaction was high, she longed to be in a classroom with adult learners sharing her passions of baking and candy making. To date she has had the privilege of instructing over 16,000 students and hopes she can she 16,000 more before she retires!!!!

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