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Who do you live with: My husband, Michael, and son, Mark (plus two border collies, Parker and Tippy, and my son’s cat, Tonks)

Where would you like to live: It would be nice to have a place in the country. I love the Midwest and the change of seasons. The horrible winters make travel to the tropics truly sweet.

Your favorite occupation: I love what I do. Corporate consulting is exciting, working with farmers is fascinating, teaching home cooks is so rewarding.

Person you’d like to meet: A really good handy man (or Weird Al…)

What do you order in a coffee shop: Dark roast pour over coffee with cream – or a macchiato for a treat

TCL regulars who you’d like to have dinner with: Antigoni, Laurie…anyone else…they are all great

Favorite State Fair food: Cheese Curds – guilty

Favorite TCL moment: Boning a whole turkey for the Thanksgiving show in 2013

One thing you can’t live without: My chef’s knife

Dream TCL interview/segment: Cooking with Greg Reynolds – the farmer I blog for

What is your motto: Dig and be dug

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