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Larry Pfarr’s life-long passion for gardening, landscaping, and plants began at a very young age when he was raised on a farm near LeSueur, MN. In high school he was active in 4-H and FFA and took horticulture classes at Mankato State University. During his junior year in college at the University of Minnesota, while studying horticulture, he started a landscaping company that he sold a year after graduation. He then worked for the MN Nursery and Landscape Association for two years.

His career path led him to Bachman’s Floral, Home, Gift and Garden, where for 24 years he worked in various capacities, eventually as a company director. He opened four of their largest stores, oversaw visual merchandising and store design, gift and home buying, and the marketing department. In 1997 he began presenting on-air work for 5 Eyewitness News.

In 2012 he started Leap Retail Consulting, working for an array of retailers in marketing, social media, public relations, as well as retail store design and remodels. Recently, he worked with a client to design, build, and merchandise an American style garden center in Beijing, China.

In November 2016, he returned to live on the family farm where he spends his spare time raising bees and continuing his passion for all things gardening.

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