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Mom and Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman is a people leader by day, and led by little people by night. She is breaking the mom blog concept by sharing the not-so-glamorous side of parenting through her witty storytelling at To Wit, To Woo. She refers to this stage in life as the survival years and believes the key to survival is finding humor in the madness and leaning on your #MomTribe. The only advice you’ll find her handing out on the blog is on how to create more looks from the clothes in your closet. She gets her energy from inspiring women to look differently at their existing wardrobe knowing that, like her, most don’t have endless funds for shopping. Instead of showing 6 photos of the same look in a different poise, you’ll find 6 different ways to style one piece. Her candor and eye for styling has made her the mom friend you want around when you need a good laugh or a little inspiration. You can follow her on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.

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