Outdoor Safety with Entira

Dr. Tim Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer for Entira Family Clinics joins us today to talk about ways to stay safe in the elements of the outdoors. Here is what he suggests to stay safe and healthy in the heat:

Sun Protection

  • The sun is good for us – it helps our mood and regulates our sleep schedule (circadian rhythm)
    • Helps regulate blood pressure
    • Great source of vitamin D
  • However, the sun’s rays can be dangerous
    •  It is the #1 cause of pre-cancer and skin cancers
    • It has the highest risk with fair skin freckled folks and those with a positive family history
    • It can age our skin by breaking down a compound called elastin, which causes our skin to stretch
  • Wear Sunscreen!
    • Choose an SPF of at least 30 for adequate protection


  • You need water for critical functions
    • It flushes our system and helps remove bacteria
    • It aids in dehydration decreases constipation
    • It regulates our body temperature
    • It helps cushion our joints
  •  Keep yourself and your children hydrated and watch for symptoms
    • Mild symptoms include  increased thirst, darker urine, feeling dizzy or light headed
    • Severe symptoms include decreased urination, pulse increases, and decrease in responsiveness
      • Smaller children dehydrate much faster

Bugs to Watch Out for

  • Mosquitos
    • Stay covered and use bug-spray
  • Bees
    • Carry an EpiPen if allergic
  • Ticks
    • Stay protected with long clothes and caps
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