1/11 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, says that just because there isn’t a whole lot happening in the theaters now, there are still some things worth watching at home. Here are his top three movies he thinks you should watch.

DUMPLIN’ (home release, Netflix)

In the new Netflix movie Dumplin’, Danielle Macdonald plays Willowdean, the daughter of a former beauty queen. She’s played by Jennifer Aniston and now runs the Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant. Willowdean was raised by her aunt and has never felt welcome in her mother’s world of pageants. She feels a bit dejected but signs up for the pageant to spite her mother and show the injustices that come with beauty pageants.

BIRD BOX (home release, Netflix)

Sandra Bullock stars in the suspenseful new film, Bird Box, now streaming on Netflix. An unnatural force wipes out a majority of the human population. Bullock stars as Malorie, who along with two kids, have to float down river to find safety. The catch is that they have to do it blindfolded. The less you know about this movie the better!

BEAUTIFUL BOY (home release, Amazon Prime)

Parents will do anything for their children especially when they’re in danger. Steve Carell turns in a dramatic performance as David Sheff who witnesses his son, Nic, becoming a crystal meth addict. They had a good relationship as Nic was growing up, and David is at a loss for what happened along the way. He’s trying to find answers for something that is as hard to understand as drug addiction. Both father and son are writers who use the written word as a vehicle for their emotions at this time. David just wants a better understanding of what is happening to his son and what his son needs at this particular moment. He only asks two questions of his doctor. What is the meth doing to his son and how can he help him?

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