4/14 Rockstar Row

Members of Campus Faith Clubs join us in our Rockstar Row. Campus Faith Clubs (CFC) was founded in 2007 as a response to the number of students (over 80%) that fall away from their faith in middle school and high school. By encouraging and equipping students to live out their faith Monday through Friday and not just Sunday morning or Wednesday night we teach the kids that their faith is something to embrace and to share and not something to hide or be ashamed of. Today there are over 50 such clubs in the Metro and outstate areas with over 2000 students participating annually. Our vision is a faith club in every public secondary school.

The best part is that the Clubs are welcomed by administration and other students as the values and lessons that are shared at the club serve to encourage and lift up the whole student body. Lessons like love, kindness, acceptance.

You can help them raise funds for new clubs and help to fight hunger at the same time. They are partnering with Shoe Away Hunger for The second annual CFC Footlong Hot dog fun run on Sunday, May 7th. They will be collecting shoes at the Fun Run this year. Shoes will be sold and all proceeds will go to fighting hunger locally here in the Twin Cities. In addition to the 5K run we will have, a live DJ, games and Footlong Hot Dogs free of charge. The event is set for Sunday May 7th at 1pm at Cleary Lake Park in Prior Lake. To sign up and for more information, click here and find Foot Long Fun Run – May 7th.

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