Good Company Update: JOIA & Urban Undercover

We have featured all sorts of Good Companies on Twin Cities Live over the years. Some of those companies have seen big changes since first appearing on Twin Cities Live. Case in point, JOIA. The sparkling soda company started in 2011. TCL reporter Emily Engberg featured the new company in 2012. The drinks are made from all natural and delicious ingredients. Since its start, JOIA has grown over 600%. It’s now available in about 20 states in over 3,000 locations. That includes Panera Bakery Cafes nationwide. Here in Minnesota, JOIA is available in about 200 locations, including Haskell’s.

JOIA has received several awards, including Best Carbonated Beverage, Best in Show and Best Cold Beverage at competitions all over the country and even globally. In 2016, JOIA added specialty cocktails to their mix. JOIA Spirit has three traditional cocktails. A Greyhound, Moscow Mule and Cosmopolitan.

Another Good Company seeing growth is Urban Undercover. Sairey Gernes started the line for the active woman like herself. She started with premium underwear. The idea was to make it comfortable, stylish and perfect for the woman on the go. Since we first featured her in 2014, the line has grown substantially in sales and more items have been added. Urban Undercover now has a cami, candle, inspiring banner, adventure bag, travel wrap and more.

Urban Undercover has moved from Saint Paul to a space in Minneapolis that also has a showroom. Customers can come in and shop, but a big part of sales is online. Plans are in the works for shows in other parts of the country, too.

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