Good Company: SelfEco

For many of us, the convenience of having plastic plates and silverware means the ease of no dishes. The only problem is, it all ends up in landfill. That’s where Stillwater company SelfEco comes in. They make products that are environmentally friendly.

The folks behind the company come from a manufacturing background. That has helped them come up with sustainable and innovative ways to make life easy for consumers, but better for our environment. The products are all made with the intent to compost, recycle or reuse.

SelfEco makes pots for plants that can literally be buried with the plant. They are made with plant food. So, no fertilizer is needed. Compare that to a petroleum pot that is around for some 1200 years and it’s getting the attention of people all over the world. No fertilizers needed, no extra work or dirty hands. There are also studies from Iowa State University that also show the pots from SelfEco also end up making bigger plants.

SelfEco wants their products to be convenient, but stylish. There are all sorts of colors and all sorts of options. They have come up with champagne flutes, martini glasses, plates and even cutlery that is all compostable.

You can find their products in local gardening stores like Gerten’s and Wagner’s Garden Center. They are also online with Amazon and Walmart.

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