Kid Connection: MaKayla, Eli, & Jose Updates

In 2017, we introduced you to 14-year-old MaKayla.  TCL reporter Kelli Hanson brought her to a local rescue to nurture MaKayla’s love for pitbulls.  MaKayla turns 18 in April and could age out of the adoption system but she’s still holding out hopes of getting adopted.

In November of 2017, we met 10-year-old Eli.  Eli’s recruiter, Bambi, told us that he’s very inquisitive, a super bright kid, and has a lot to share with a family.  Eli is now 12 and still loves Legos and building things but has a new interest in sailing.

Jose was headed into his freshman year in high school in 2017.  He had been in and out of the adoption system since he was an infant.  He is now 15 and has a job.  He enjoys reading, robotics, and playing basketball.  After adoption, he wants to stay in contact with his biological siblings.

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