8/11 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes has tells us about a freighting movie hitting theaters. Also two Girls Trip movies, one you can check out at home.

ANNABELLE: CREATION (theatrical release)

We were first introduced to the Annabelle doll in 2013’s The Conjuring. It was the demonic doll that the Warrens kept under lock and key in their room full of artifacts. That prop was popular enough to get its own spinoff movie in 2015. We’re now getting the sequel to that movie which is actually a prequel dating back to the origins of its horror. Samuel Mullins is known throughout his little village for being a toymaker. He creates customized and sought after pieces including a limited edition doll. Tragedy strikes the Mullins family when his daughter, Bee, is run over by a car. Years pass by and Samuel and his wife decide to open their sprawling home to a group of orphan girls and their caretaker Sister Charlotte. The girls range in ages, but little Janice feels a bit left out at times as she’s suffering from polio. The Mullins house is old, dusty, and full of haunts. The first night in their new home is sheer proof that something is not right with this house. Janice believes she sees someone lurking around. This coincides with the lights flickering and doors opening and shutting randomly. She’s been told not to go into Bee’s old room by Mr. Mullins but disobeys orders one night when she hears voices coming from inside. She enters thinking the other girls are inside only to find it empty and that it hasn’t been touched in years. All of the toys are out ready to be played with, except for the Annabelle doll that’s been shut in the closet. Janice’s snooping around in the closet invites the spirit of Bee back into the house, as her doll has been a conduit for the evil spirit.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? A surprisingly eerie sequel that’s better than its predecessor

GIRLS TRIP (theatrical release)

Some of the best friends we have in life are the ones we met in college. They’ve seen you at your best and worst. As we grow up and life moves on, the friendships can diminish and fade away. The Flossy Posse seemed inseparable but it’s been five years since their last reunion. All four friends have gone in their own direction. Sasha runs her own website as a tabloid journalist. Lisa has moved on from her partygoer ways to become a mother and nurse. Ryan has become a highly successful author with the help of her husband Stewart. The wildest of them all is Dina who still acts like she’s in her twenties. Ryan has the perfect opportunity to get the Flossy Posse back together as she’s the keynote speaker at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. All four friends joyously celebrate the good old days and look forward to a wild weekend together. That all takes a sharp turn when Sasha receives a scandalous photo of Ryan’s husband cheating on her with an Instagram star. Ryan has to figure out how to protect her image at the Festival where she’s appearing with her husband and determine what’s best for her marriage and career.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? If you need a good deep belly laugh, this is your movie.

SNATCHED (home release)

It just goes from bad to worse for Emily Middleton. Around the same time she loses her job at a clothing boutique, she is dumped by her ambitious boyfriend days before they are set to go on a vacation to Ecuador. Apparently Emily doesn’t have enough direction in her life as opposed to the boyfriend whose career in a rock band is taking off. Emily calls upon many of her friends to be her companion on this vacation, yet all of them turn her down. Her last resort is her mother, Linda, who calls her back home after seeing the breakup news on Facebook. Emily finds an old photo album from back in the day and is inspired to have some mommy/daughter time for the vacation. At first Linda refuses as she claims her knees can’t handle all that activity. Nonetheless, she relents and they whisk off to a resort in Ecuador for some rest and relaxation. What would this movie be if all they did was sit by the pool and sip cocktails? Emily’s flirtation is just the beginning of their wild adventure. The hot guy she has a drunken night with ends up scamming her and Linda, which leads to them in a hit and run taken hostage by some local criminals. They manage to escape but find themselves on the run in the middle of the Amazon jungle trying to make it back to the US Consulate.

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