Acupuncture for Tummy Troubles

The kick off to the Minnesota State Fair means one thing to a lot of people who attend it…FOOD. More specifically, fried foods galore! Holistic Health expert and owner of Healing Insight, Senia Mae, says there is one thing you should be eating to make room for all that food.

A Watermelon Detox is the perfect preparation for the state fair. In Chinese medicine, watermelon is a magical food because it helps you get rid of water weight. Eating two servings of watermelon a day before you go to the fair, along with focusing on lean meats and veggies the week before you head out will prepare your tummy, allowing it to handle that fried food much better.

There are some acupuncture points that can help you out too, says Senia. If you’re getting too full or are getting indigestion, press on the hunger point on the tragus of the ear. Senia shows us a few other acupuncture points that can help with heartburn and sore feet!

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