6/9 TCL Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes is here with a review of a new Tom Cruise movie and The tale as old as time is available for you to watch at home.

THE MUMMY (theatrical release)

It’s time for another Mummy movie, but this time Tom Cruise replaces Brendan Fraser as the action hero. There is an Egyptian legend about Princess Ahmanet who killed her father and baby brother in an act of revenge. She was killed and mummified due to her crimes. Her tomb lies deep in the Mesopotamian desert. Cruise and Jake Johnson star as Nick and Chris, respectively, two soldiers scoping out hidden burial ground in that area. It should come as no surprise that they find themselves in a whirl of trouble with the local civilians. A ground attack ensues and ends with a massive sinkhole opening up and unearthing a treasure trove of Egyptian artifacts, tombs, jewelry, and a mercury river following beneath the city. Dr. Jenny Halsey, a doctor and archaeologist, is also on hand as part of their mission. They fly the sarcophagus of what could be Ahmanet back to London for research. They should know never to awaken the dead as only chaos ensues. Ahmanet is brought back to life and has her own motive at hand to find Set, the god of death.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? If you want Tom Cruise on autopilot, wait for the Top Gun sequel

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (home release)

In a nearby castle, a young dashing prince is transformed into a monstrous beast after dismissing a beggar woman that comes to his door. In order to reverse the curse, he must fall in love before the last pedal drops from the rose she has given him. In a nearby village, Belle spends her days lost in a book or helping her father, Maurice, with his latest inventions that may or may not work. Maurice heads out one day traveling to show off his latest creation. He reaches the edge of town making his way to the castle to avoid the snow and wolves that chase him and his horse. A little snooping goes too far when the Beast takes him prisoner. The trusty horse returns to Belle and brings her to the castle. She allows the beast to take her prisoner instead in exchange for her father’s freedom. The castle’s magic does not go unnoticed by Maurice and Belle when Lumiere the candlestick and Cogsworth the talking clock make their presence known. Lumiere is the forever romantic and believes Belle may be the one to break the course. He takes it upon himself to gather the other household objects to aid in getting the Beast to fall in love with Belle.

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