Back to School Photo Ideas

Elaborate back to school photos are all the rage on social media this time of year, but who has time for elaborate props and perfect lighting? Our senior producer Christian Unser is also a freelance photographer and shared how you can use your smartphone and things you already have at your house for some great pics!

1. Go to the school

Don’t save your best back to school moments for the first day of school. Take your kids over there the weekend before to get some good pics when you’ve got the run of the place. Remember to use things like the school signs as good visual elements in the background. And get close to your kids! Taking a picture from 20 feet away is not going to be as memorable as one that fully captures their excitement on the first day of school.

2. Capture their personalities

Have your kids do things for these pictures that they already do. Whether it’s throwing a baseball, playing an instrument or taking a selfie, capturing those moments will definitely make you smile when you look back!

3. Keep it simple

You don’t have to buy elaborate props. Sidewalk chalk and a stick from the garage can be used to create a “sign” that shows off their ages or grades.

4. Grab those moments

When the first day of school actually arrives, worry less about staging a perfect pic (because you already took those that weekend). Instead, capture them eating breakfast or getting on the bus or walking up the hill to their school. Those moments will definitely be far more memorable.

To visit Christian’s freelance photography site, Unser Imagery, click here. Christian offers photography services for weddings, headshots, family photos and more!

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