8/18 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes has Four movie you want to check out in theaters before you head to State Fair.


“Why are we always yelling?” This is a quote from Ryan Reynolds to Samuel L. Jackson’s character late in the movie. This pretty much sums up the entire movie. If you’re familiar with the roles Reynolds or Jackson are known for, that’s pretty much what you get here with two hours of yelling. They make up the title pair with Jackson playing Darius Kincaid, a well-known hitman who has been sentenced to life behind bars. He becomes an important player in the trial of Belarus leader Vladislav Dukhovich who brought genocide into his country. Kincaid could be the star witness that could lead to Dukhovich’s sentencing. The key thing to note is that every witness brought forward until now has mysteriously wound up dead thanks to Dukhovich’s team of assassins. Kincaid’s transport to the trial veers completely off course due to a massive shootout. He manages to escape with Interpol agent Amelia Roussel. The whole mission has been compromised leaving Amelia no option but to call her ex to help her out. That’s Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bryce who reluctantly decides to help and protect her client. If only it were that simple. When Bryce comes face to face with his new client, he realizes it’s his old frenemy Kincaid with whom he has a sordid past. Bryce and Kincaid are on the run in order to make it to the trial in one piece before they’re killed by Dukhovich’s henchmen.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Reynolds and Jackson are better than this generic material.


With Dunkirk, director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception) turns to the harrowing World War II battle in France between the Allies and the Germans. The British and French armies have been driven to the shore, trapped on the beach hoping for some sort of miracle rescue mission. The Battle at Dunkirk lasted from May 26 to June 4, 1940. Along with directing the film, Nolan wrote the script and gives his film three different narratives as a way to approach the battle and rescue mission. He comes at it by air, sea, and by land with each having a varied timeframe on where they enter the overall scope of the rescue. We first meet Tommy, a British soldier awaiting rescue on the shore with a cavalry of other young soldiers. The air sequences show two Air Force pilots attempting to take down the German planes. It’s a race against time for them before one of them loses fuel. The third narrative involves Oscar winner Mark Rylance who takes his son and the son’s best friend out on a small yacht to rescue any soldiers out at sea. Nolan interweaves these storylines as the rescue mission intensifies.


Ansel Elgort, the teen heartthrob from The Fault in Our Stars, stars in the title role as Baby. He’s a driver working under Kevin Spacey’s Doc who is the ringleader of a covert operation to rob banks. His crew switches up with each job with Baby being the only member of his team who returns each time. For a lack of better words, Baby is driven by music. He is constantly wearing earbuds and beats along to the rhythm of any song. This personality trait doesn’t sit to well with Bats who believes Baby’s ways will get them caught. After the second heist of the movie, Baby believes he’s worked his last job for Doc and thinks he can get back to his normal life where he’s the caretaker for a deaf man. There’s a really sweet and endearing relationship between them. He proceeds to take on the job of being a pizza delivery driver. Baby finds that just when he thinks he’s out, he’s being pulled right back in. This doesn’t bode well for the newly formed relationship that’s budding between him and diner waitress Debora.


Wonder Woman is the latest in the DC Extended Universe. There’s a lot riding on its success to keep this universe afloat after their previous movies have yielded mediocre reviews from audiences and critics. This version of Wonder Woman traces the character back to her early days as a young Amazonian girl living off a private island shielded from Ares, the Greek god of war. She is surrounded by fierce women who spend their days training as warriors for his evitable return. Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, is aware of her special powers and wants Diana to go through the most grueling training knowing she will be the one to save them. Their lives are disrupted one day when World War I pilot and spy Captain Steve Trevor crashes in the water off the shore. German soldiers are hot on his tail, as he has stolen a secret notebook from Dr. Poison containing plans for the German army. Diana fully believes that Dr. Poison is the return of Ares and is destined to go with Trevor to take him down. They leave the island against Hippolyta’s wishes and sail back to London in hopes of stopping the war.

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