Breastfeeding Awareness Month

More moms are taking to social media to help normalize a subject some consider taboo, breastfeeding in public. Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics explains the benefits for mom and baby and what moms can do if they’re struggling.

Dr. Dick says, breastfeeding is the best thing for your baby for many reasons. It’s good for baby’s immune system, helps avoid ER visits, and prevents multiple sclerosis in women.

Your milk will not “come in” until day number 3 most of the time. He recommends trying a little bit of everything. Don’t get frustrated if the first few ideas don’t pan out, there is something different which works for many moms and babies. If breastfeeding doesn’t work out early on, make sure to continue to hand-express and pump milk until you get the hang of a latch. Consider feeding anything you pump with a spoon or a cup or a dropper (instead of a bottle) to avoid nipple confusion.

What foods you can eat to help?

Hydration is most important. Foods that improve milk supply could include: Whole grains, especially oatmeal. Dark leafy greens (alfalfa, kale, spinach, broccoli) fennel, garlic, chickpeas, nuts and seeds, (especially almonds), ginger, and papaya.

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