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Our movie critic, Paul McGuire Grimes (Paul’s Trip to the Movies) usually is here telling us about the newest movies out in the theaters.  He shares some of his favorite streaming services you can get at home plus his suggestions on what to watch on each of them.


Star Wars fans may remember the bounty hunter, Boba Fett, but now we’re introduced to a new one from an order known as The Mandalorians. We don’t know his name, expect he’s referred to as Mando. He’s a man of few words and not to be messed with. He’s one of the very best out there, thus his missions come with a hefty price tag. His latest job is as discrete as they come, as he’s given very little information about his asset. It doesn’t take him very long to finish the mission, but what he didn’t expect was a little baby yoda that he would come to care for. He forgoes the reward and takes Baby Yoda hoping to protect it.

7 Day free trial, $6.99 for just Disney+, 12.99 if you tack on Hulu and ESPN. Best price is $69.99 for the year. PERFECT gift for the holidays.



Mitch Kessler and Alex Levy have been hosting a successful morning news show for fifteen years. Their chemistry is impeccable. That all changes one morning when Mitch is let go from the network due to sexual misconduct allegations. The shocking news rattles coworkers, and Alex is left blindsided. She wants to address the truth to their audience and speak to them as family – to speak on their level. With the shake up leaving Alex alone at the desk, she worries about her impending contract and whether they’ll replace her. What no one expects is a loud mouth reporter from Virginia, played by Reese Witherspoon to alter the plan at the network. Could she be the authentic voice they need or are they merely grooming her for Alex’s replacement. The head of the network, the producer of The Morning Show, and the host all of different opinions about what’s best for the show now that their reputation is on the line.

-Now streaming exclusively on AppleTV+, new episodes drop every Friday, $4.99 per month


Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran was a teamster who was taken under by the Bufalino crime family out of Pennsylvania. He could do their dirty work, which led to his working relationship with Jimmy Hoffa. This film charts the rise and unexpected fall between the two of them.

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