Dental Emergencies

Of all the things that can happen out at the Minnesota State Fair — you try Alligator for the first time, you collect as many free things as you can, you over-eat — you’re probably not thinking about a dental emergency right? Well our favorite dentist, Dr. Scott Shamblott is and he stopped by to help just in case your teeth cause you any trouble while eating that corn dog.

  1. Scenario #1
    “You’re enjoying a corn dog, when you accidentally bite down on the stick. Now you get a zinger every time you bite down on something.”

**What is wrong?**
+ you likely have a crack in your tooth
+ stop biting on anything on that side and call you dentist as soon as possible
+ every time you bite down, that crack is going to progress toward the nerve — this is very painful and could cause the tooth to split

+ the tooth will likely need a crown and potentially a root canal
+ patient needs an exam with an x-ray

  1. Scenario #2
    “You’ve had too many beverages at the beer garden and you trip on your way to get french fries and knock out a front tooth.”

    **What do you do?**
    + find the tooth and pick it up — only touching the tooth by the white park — do not wipe off!
    + call the dentist immediately because you could potentially save the tooth!

    + you need to be seen within 30-45 minutes to save tooth
    + if tooth cannot be implanted, you will need an implant to replace tooth

  1. Scenario #3
    “You’re eating cotton candy and you get a stinging sensation in your tooth every time there’s cotton candy in your mouth. It stops when you’re not eating cotton candy. “

    **What’s wrong?**
    + you likely have a fairly significant cavity – the sugar is transmitting sensation to the nerve

    **That to do?**
    + get into the dentist right away
    + if the cavity continues to grow, it can get too close to the nerve – that means a crown and/or a root canal

  1. Scenario #4
    “You’re on the tilt a whirl with friends and you get an elbow to the face. It hurts and your tooth is wiggly.”

    **What’s wrong?**
    + you could have fractures in the face
    + tooth could be loose

    **What do you do?**
    + if the tooth is loose, a dentist can splint the tooth to help it solifidy
    + if the root on your tooth is cracked, it will need to be removed and replace with an implant

Scenario #5
“You and your kids have stopped at the corn booth. All of sudden your child says their tooth is missing.”

**What do you do?**
+ as long as it’s a baby tooth you’re ok
+ it’s just going to be an empty space a little longer than originally planned

Dr. Shamblott has a new book out called “Help My Tooth Hurts!”, Your Guide to Feeling Better Fast. You can pick up your copy at Shamblott Family Dentistry.

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