Friendly Divorce

Divorces don’t have to be knock-down, drag out fights. In fact, a friendly divorce is cheaper, faster and less emotionally draining. Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort stopped by to explain why.

1. Do you need a lawyer if everyone is friendly in the dissolution process?

Just because you hire an attorney doesn’t mean you are going to have an ugly divorce. You are making some of the most important decisions of your and your children’s life. Why would you do that blindly? We don’t even by simple products without gathering information and making informed decisions. As attorneys our goal is to get you on the other side as swiftly, painlessly and cost effectively as possible. There are many processes in place to help make that happen.

2. Once it’s done you can’t fix it

A lawyer can help you understand implications of agreements (often tax or financial issues). Also, sometimes people who don’t have lawyers will submit agreements to the court that the court won’t sign off on. For instance, the court can stand in the way of a child support agreement others might stand in the way of custody agreements. A lawyer can help ensure that your agreements will be approved.

3. How quickly can it be done?

Depending on if you have children or not, cases can happen quickly. Can be a matter of weeks. No kids = no court needed. And if there are kids and there are attorneys then no court is needed.

4. Benefits to a peaceful divorce

Benfits include your emotional well-being, financial savings and happier, healthier kids

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