“Lu’s Reviews”

Steve’s wife Lu co-hosted TCL today and share her thoughts on a few products! Something you might not know about my Steve’s wife Lu, no matter how big or small a potential purchase might be…she does research. Copious amounts of research. If she ends up liking a product, she’ll tell everyone about it. If not, she’ll make sure no one wastes their time like she did. 1. The Body Back Buddy: Lu says get it! 2. Vivi Bands: Lu says get it! Use Promo Code TCL to receive 20 % off until Tuesday, September 12th, 2017. 3. Artic Zone Trunk Organizer and Insulated Cooler Set: Lu says get it! 4. VIBELITE Battery Operated LED Night Lights/Corless Light Switch: Lu says get it! 5. The Sleep Styler Rollers: Lu says skip it!

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