Apps That Can Make You Money

Kids are back to school and that means you’ve opened your wallet for new clothes, school supplies and pretty soon you’ll be paying for school activities. Luckily Twin Cities Live’s Super Saver has found apps you can download right on our smart phone that will make you money. 1. IBOTTA Ibotta is an app that pay you to shop through a rebate system. You want to scroll through the rebates before you head to the store. Each item selected will put cash back into your Ibotta account. Once you’ve made your purchase, take a picture of your receipt to verify. You can link your account to an existing PayPal or Venmo account or you can get money back in a gift card to a store you shop at already. Find Ibotta in the App Store! 2. FOAP Foap turns your real photos in cash. We all have pictures on our phone and now you can sell them to big brands to use in ad campaigns. If someone buys the photo, the app will split the cash with you 50/50. You can download Foap in the App Store. **TCL EXCLUSIVES** Click here for these deals! 1. KELLER GRILLE + Get a $50 certificate for half the price at $25 + Certificate is good for food and drink at Keller Grille in Maplewood + Located at the Keller Clubhouse, overlooking the historic championship public Keller Golf Course 2. TAYLORS FALLS CANOE & KAYAK RENTAL + get a full day canoe or kayak rental for $22.75 22-75, regularly priced at $45.50. 3. GIRVAN GRILLE + Buy a $50 gift certificate to Girvan Grille for only $25.

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