DIY Menu Boards

With the kids back in school, routines have likely changed and if you hear it every day this summer, the question “What’s for dinner?” has probably crept back into your house. Here’s your answer — look at the menu board! Morgan Molitor from construction2style stopped by to show us how to let the entire family know what’s being served in a stylish way. 1. Chalkboard Menu Board + paint plywood and build a frame around chalkboard 2. Cutting Board + take any wooden cutting board and paint chalkboard paint on 1/2 of it + label your meals throughout the week + stylish decor when you’re not using it *can purchase at 3. Chalkboard Tags + Use chalkboard paint to write Monday – Friday on the board + nails hang the chalkboard tags 4. Wallpaper and Frames + take an old photo frame and put wallpaper into the frame + this can just sit on your counter and then use a dry erase to write your grocery list or your meals 5. Wooden boards with Clothespins + find scrap wood, stain it, glue clothes pins onto the board + clip recipe cards onto the board for each day of the week

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