Apps to Stay in Touch

Even though cell phones keep us connected, you still have to call or text to stay in touch. TCL Tech Producer Christian Unser shares a few apps that allow you to share where you are at all times or chat without dialing a number.

The apps are:

  • Zello – this “walkie talkie” app allows you to talk to an individual or a group with the touch of a button
  • Find My iPhone – this app is built-in to iOS and allows you to keep track of all of your family’s devices. You can even get directions that will take you straight to a lost phone!
  • Glympse – this app allows you to share your location only when you want and only with people you choose
  • Life360 – this app allows you to set a perimeter and receive a notification when your family member has arrived. For example, if you child comes home from school, you get an automatic message
  • Family Wall – this app is like a private Facebook for just your family and friends
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