Social Media and Divorce

According to TMZ, the ex-wife of “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams wants him to keep their kids off social media. Can she do that? Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort stop by to explain how it works in Minnesota.

When it comes to social media, it’s always better to figure out how to handle it before it ends up in front of a judge. If you want your ex to stop posting pictures of your kids, you have to prove why they would be at risk. Many factors weigh in on the decision, such as if you were fine with pictures being posted before a divorce or if the kids have accounts of their own.

Social media can also be used as evidence in divorce proceedings. Everything from pictures of a spouse out partying to using their location on social media to prove they weren’t where they said you would be can come into play. Jodi and Shannon recommend that their clients get off social media during divorce proceedings.

If a judge must make a decision, remember their own understand of technology or their own bias can come into play. Again, it is always better to resolve these decisions before they get in front of a judge. If you would like to contact Terzich and Ort, click here.

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