5 Exercises to Keep the Doctor at Bay

You’ve heard the cliche, “An Apple a Day keeps the Dr Away”…but what else can you do for optimal health as the years go by? Our Fitness & Health Expert Ali Holman from CoreCamper.com shows us 5 Exercises you should do every day to be your strongest self!

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Workouts featured in the segment:

  1.  WALK OUT (Alternative is straight plank hold)
  2. PLANK  (Alternative is knee plank)
  3. KINDERGARTEN SQUAT  (Alternative is Hip Raise)
  4. PUSHUP (Alternative is Chest Press)
  5. BUTT KICKERS (alternative is butt-kicker marches)

3 MEGA HEALTH Foods that combat winter sickness

  1.  Ginger Tea:  potent anti-inflammatory properties , immunity booster
  2. Blueberries:  antioxidant rich, 33% less likely to catch cold if you have them 3 times per week
  3. Tomatoes:  Full of Vitamin C (16 milligrams in one tomato), immunity booster
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