Save Money and Use Renewable Energy With US Solar

Did you know you can harness the energy from the sun to power your home without putting solar panels on your roof? Elizabeth visits a US Solar garden in Scandia and learns that solar energy doesn’t have to come with a high upfront price tag or the commitment of having a system installed at your own home. Instead, Xcel Energy customers can sign up for a solar subscription with US Solar. It takes just a few minutes to sign up and once you do, you’ll purchase your energy from a local solar garden providing clean, renewable energy. And best of all, customers who make the switch don’t pay anything upfront and see an average of 10-20% savings on their annual electric bill. One US Solar garden provides enough energy to power about 250 homes in Minnesota. Elizabeth just signed up and will start buying her energy from a solar garden in Carver County next month. You can be part of the same project by signing up before November 15th and you’ll receive a $100 Amazon gift card as a thank you. Other solar garden projects are being added throughout the state as well. Find out more by visiting US Solar online!

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