Burn, Build and Breath Moves

Certified fitness instructor, Nickie Carrigan wowed us earlier in the show with her healthy enchiladas but now it’s time to sweat. Nickie is the owner of The Warehouse in Rosemount and she is challenging her members to take a burn, build and breathe class each week to help them build a solid week of workouts. She stopped by with a few moves from each class that you can do from home.

Burn moves:

  • Lunge w/ cross claw (targets lower body, obliques, and gets the heart thumping.)
  • Jab/Cross/Knee (Cardio, Core, abs coordination!)

Build moves:

  • Row to press (full body exercise to build strength in upper body, core stabilization, and glute activation.
  • Push up/side plank/hip dip (full body move targeting core, chest, and obliques.)

Breathe moves:

  • Pigeon (deep stretch for the hip flexor, ROM for hip.)
  • Tree (balance & leg strength.)

Mention TCL to join the Warehouse’s Burn, Build, Breathe challenge for only $50.

The workout schedules are more well-rounded to include a weekly burn, build, and breathe style class (examples: burn would be combat HIIT, build would be Tank Top Arms, and breathe would be yoga.)

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