Divorce at an Older Age

Jodi and Shannon from Terzich and Ort shared advice on dealing with divorce at an older age. They shared a few thoughts below:

Ending a long term marriage means dividing a lifetime of assets accumulation – particularly dealing with retirement plans, in conjunction with Social Security and Medicare.  Depending on the where the couple is in life, retired or still in the workforce, there might be a discussion about spousal maintenance.

These couples tend to have grown children and now grandchildren, who typically want both of their parents to be okay on the other side. The divorcing couple may have little interaction with their adult children about the specifics of the divorce.

If it’s not a first marriage, a primary consideration is identifying what each person brought into the marriage and a desire to preserve that for his/ herself and family after the divorce.

It’s not uncommon for these couples to have grown adult children from a first marriage.  There is a natural instinct for these adult children to want to protect their parent and be involved in the process. That can be helpful to the extent that the adult child listen to his/her parent’s desires and doesn’t drive the divorce based on perceived goals and anger.

For contact information for Jodi and Shannon, click here.

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