St Croix Cleaners Subscription Service

St Croix Cleaners has nineteen locations all over the Twin Cities area. They are best known for their dry cleaning services which does some four thousand pieces of clothing a day in its Stillwater location. It’s quite the system. Each piece of clothing is barcoded and tagged to keep track of the item. The pieces are then sorted and cleaned before being inspected by someone to make sure the quality is just right. Once the clothes are cleaned, they are pressed. They have a different types of pressing depending on the type of clothing.

Although dry cleaning is a popular service, St Croix Cleaners is adding something new. They now offer a subscription laundry service for customers. Just like Netflix, for example, there’s a monthly fee to use it. The plans start at $49.99 and offers a certain amount of pounds of laundry. Depending on how much you bring in a month, you can drop it off or have it picked up at your house two to four times a month. The subscription service comes with a bag for the clothes. The smallest holds twenty pounds of laundry when it’s absolutely stuffed. The biggest bag holds fifty pounds. The second tier of the service is $89.99 a month and the family plan is $129.99 a month. The service also accommodates folks with allergies to certain soaps. Clothes are done and returned within two business days.

St Croix Cleaners also does alterations, wedding gown and specialty clothing. To learn more about St Croix Cleaners, click here.

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