Help with Building a Home

Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group and Coldwell Banker Burnet just finished building a home in Edina. They stopped by to talk about how a realtor can help you build a home and save you some money too!

Julie and Daniel’s thoughts are below:

One of the biggest things to understand when building is the sales agent in the models represent the builder, they do not represent you. You need an agent on your end representing your interests. 1) The process can be daunting, working with someone who has been through it before and knows the process can eliminate a lot of surprises. Your realtor is there for you at walkthroughs with the builder and selection meetings, they can help with selections and know what to look for during your walkthroughs. We often catch things that are done incorrectly or missing at walkthroughs that our buyer would not have noticed. 2) A lot of the time a realtor can negotiate a better deal for you: Many buyers believe you can’t negotiate with builders but you can. We find it is hard for buyers to keep their emotions in check when looking at a new constructions home. Having a realtor handle the negotiating for you can remove that emotion and most times can get you a better deal. Often buyers assume that price is the only way to negotiate. A lot of times a builder is more willing to throw in upgrades, extras or closing costs so they are not compromising the sale price of the property as they do not want to set a lower precedent and affect the future sale prices of their other homes. 3) A realtor can help you understand the differences between builders and neighborhoods: Realtors know the good builders to work and can steer buyers clear of the un-reputable builders to work with. They know the reputation of most builders and their processes. Some builders may be more expensive than others and there could be very good reasons for that that your realtor can help you understand. They can advise on neighborhoods and average price of homes in neighborhoods, you don’t want to be building the most expensive home in the neighborhood 4) A realtor can guide you on appropriate plan modifications and upgrades: They can advise on important items for resale or quality of living in your home. We often point out items that should be included and are missed and other items that can be upgraded down the road that a buyer can hold of on to save money. For example a 2 foot bump out to the family room vs. upgraded flooring. In the long run the buyers are going to appreciate the larger family room and it may be worth doing this and putting a less expensive flooring product in that could be changed out down the road if the buyers wanted. Items that we often suggest adding that are a small cost upfront that are often not included and if not done in the beginning cold be a big cost down the road: Floor drains in the garage, Pre-wiring for any built in surround sound or speakers, exterior soffit electrical outlets for Christmas lights.

If you’d like to contact Julie and Daniel about buying, selling or building a home, click here.

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