Life Hacks

Everyone wants to make their life a little easier and now there are countless websites, tutorials and even articles on the web telling you how to do just that. Twin Cities Live Reporter Emily Engberg found a handful of tricks that she believes are not only entertaining, but really do work in a pinch. Here’s a list of fun things to try.

The next time you need to hold open a recipe book or magazine try using a hanger and then put it on the cupboard. If you are in need of chip clip, try using the clip from a plastic hanger. Just break it off the unwanted hanger you got from the store. Next time you have a glass of white wine, don’t use ice. Use frozen green grapes and they won’t water your wine down. Same goes for coffee. Use coffee to freeze them into ice cubes and the next time you have ice coffee, it won’t be watered down. In a pinch for ironing? Try a clean flat iron that you normally use for you hair. Just be careful on the type of fabric you use. It does get hot! And if you’re a person that has a tough time drinking enough water, try marking your clear water bottle with a marker. Put the times of the day that you should have a drink and before you know it, you’ll drink a full bottle.

Click here for more info on some of these hacks and more ideas.

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