Summertime Goals

Summer is filled with pool days, BBQ’s and cabin trips, it’s a fun time of year but it can also be very busy. Come September, how often do you find yourself saying, summer flew by! Bestselling author, Kristen Brown has made it her mission to help others maximize their time she has action steps you can take to make this summer your most productive one yet.

Goal # 1– I want to get fit and lose weight

Action steps:
Do pull ups hanging off the side of a boat while floating in the water
Do butt crunches while waiting in the car at kids’ sports or activities pick-ups.
Mindset shift:
Awareness – know your roadblocks

Goal # 2 — I want to change jobs and follow my passion

Action steps:

Find a mentor – spend 15 minutes scanning your network on linkedin or facebook

Pick 3-5 people to reach out to for a coffee or phone call meet and greet
Mindset shift:

Action- List out 5-minute steps you can take to start the domino effect

Goal # 3 — I want to clean out the garage

Action steps:

Start with one shelf, not the whole thing it has to get worse before it gets better
Decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away
Same with our life – sometimes needs to get messy, start small, and go from there

Mindset shift:

Acknowledgement – Admit where you get sidetracked or not take action

Goal #4 — I want to write a book

Action steps:

Spend 10 minutes every morning “puking on paper” – anything that comes to mind eventually it all adds up and can become the rough draft outline of a book
Mindset shift:

Accountability – Know your support plan to stay on track

Favorite book: The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
Favorite podcast: The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard and Power and Purpose with Mastin Kipp

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