Getting Out of Conversations

It’s the holiday season which means work parties, family gatherings and lot of small talk! Success Coach and Radio Host, Roshini Rajkumar  stopped by to share her tips on how to gracefully get out of a conversation.

Roshini’s Tips:

-Spot a Friend
Do you see someone across the room you know or want to meet?
Your Action: Exit the current conversation by saying you see that person and need to say hello.

-Drinks & Food
Do you want another drink or a snack?
A couple options for Action:
1) Just say that and leave your conversation
2) Ask if anyone wants refills; then get the refill but say bye after you drop those drinks

-Party Host
Do you want to share a special story with the party host or thank them for the great cocktails?
Your Action: Exit your current conversation with a line sharing something about the host.

Check out Roshini’s Podcast, Real Leaders with Roshini, click here.

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