Emily Goes Back to School at Woodbury Middle School

Kids are back in school and for a lot of parents things are definitely different since they were in class. Twin Cities Live is heading back to school to see just how much is new. Reporter Emily Engberg spent the day at Woodbury Middle School in Woodbury.

Principal Kari Lopez showed Emily around. They started in the cafeteria. Gone are the days of a quiet lunch. At Woodbury Middle School, students get to hang out with their friends and listen to the music. Everyday has a music theme. The students sing and dance. Everyone is smiling.

Emily also visited the STEM class or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math class. She learned how technology has changed in the classroom. Each student has their own computer. They learned how to scan an image of themselves and then a three dimensional printer made a model of the student. Emily even got her own!

Emily went to math and social studies class. Students don’t have books. They use i-pads and they can write on their desks. That was a whole new ballgame for Emily. They even had chairs that swivel and allow students to move if they are antsy!

Emily says she really saw how the students worked together and had a positive outlook on things at school. Instead of saying they can’t do something, they said they just need to work harder. Even when they weren’t sure, they worked as a team and their classmates encouraged them. Emily really had a good time thanks to the entire team at Woodbury Middle School.

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