Halloween Décor by ValleyScare

TCL in Your Town Shakopee would not be complete without a trip to Valleyfair!  The park opened in 1976 and has been getting bigger ever since.  Currently  they are in the middle of ValleyScare – providing fun for all ages.

The man in charge of all the set decorations and landscaping at the park is Keith Kratz.  He’s been doing it for over 35 years and has a lot of pro advice for decorating your yard for fall.

  1. Think Big! Use one big décor piece instead of a bunch of small pieces.
  2. Reuse & Repurpose
  3. Let There Be Light! Focusing on lighting is key. Look for lights that mimic textures you desire, like flames or ghosts.
  4. A Fog Machine Make a Big Difference

And to keep your décor fresh after all the rain, he suggests:

  1. Use pine straw rather than regular straw or hay
  2. Don’t put your pumpkins, whether carved or whole, on concrete
  3. Spray your pumpkins with WD-40
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