“Battle of the Sexes”

It was one of the most watched sports television events in history. An estimated ninety million people tuned in to watch the iconic Battle of the Sexes match between Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King back in 1973. ABC televised the event.

Bobby Riggs was one of the best players in the sport. He was fifty five years old and came out of retirement to play twenty nine year old Billy Jean. King was fighting for women’s rights and equal pay in the sport. For weeks, Riggs did publicity stunts to draw attention to the game. Ultimately, Riggs lost all three matches. King opened the door for many women today because of that game.

Steve Carrell plays Bobby Riggs in the new movie “Battle of the Sexes”. Carrell says he doesn’t look at Riggs as a sexist man, but rather a showman who knew how to draw attention to himself and the sport. He was a self-promoter, not a villain. Billy Jean King says she and Riggs became close and were friends.

Emma Stone plays Billy Jean King. King says Stone was on point with her acting. She got it all right. Everything from the voice and the way she moved to the way she handled Riggs. Stone says the pressure to play King just right was not only emotional, but physical. Both Stone and Carrell had to learn the game of tennis and took lots of lessons to make it as believable as possible.

Sarah Silverman, Elisabeth Shue and Austin Stowell are also in the movie. All of the actors were a perfect fit for their characters.

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