10/18 TCL Movie Trip

Our movie critic, Paul McGuire Grimes gives us his take on two Disney movies and tells us about a film event taking place in the Twin Cities.


The relationship between the innocent Aurora and Maleficent continues to evolve for the better. They live in the woods protecting the Moor people and other mystical creatures. Their relationship hits a snag when Prince Phillip proposes to Aurora. The happy couple believe this could lead to the union between the two kingdoms. His mother, Queen Ingrith, is also not too pleased that his son is now engaged. She puts on a brave face, but her evil is brewing under the service. If you thought Maleficent was evil, wait until you meet Queen Ingrith who sets out to divide the humans and Moor creatures for good.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? A strong message for kids, but their parents may get a little bored.



TOY STORY 4 (On Blu-Ray/DVD/OnDemand)

It’s been a few years since Andy gave his toy collection to little Bonnie. Bonnie is now entering kindergarten which means some separated time from her toys. In her orientation class, she makes a new toy out of some trash and names his Forky. He’s a spork with googly eyes, pipe cleaner arms, and a popsicle stick as feet. He becomes her new best friend so much so that she takes Forky along with Woody, Buzz, Rex, and her other toys on her family road trip. Forky is a bit nervous and scared about what it means to be a toy. Forky’s adventurous and scattered personality leads him to getting separated from Bonnie and the rest of the toys. Woody feels it’s his mission to rescue Forky and reunite him with Bonnie.

-Like the others, Toy Story 4 is part adventure film with a high-stakes climax involving an antiques store and a carnival.


TWIN CITIES FILM FEST – Runs now through October 26

Showplace Icon Theaters in St. Louis Park


Celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. Truly something for everyone at the Twin Cities Film Fest. Every year we see many movies playing at the festival that go on to garner Oscar buzz. This year, Marriage Story (Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver), Jojo Rabbit (Scarlett Johansson), Motherless Brooklyn (Edward Norton), Waves (Sterling K. Brown). Maybe you like LGBTQ films, horror, MN-made films, short films, documentaries, there are a wide variety of genres, budgets, styles on display. Many of these are films that rarely get wide distribution and can only be seen at the festival circuit


This year’s Social Justice Cause/Changemakers series: Environmental Responsibility.

“TCFF utilizes the singular power of film to elicit compassion and expand understanding in its Changemaker Series. Designed to capture that moment of enlightenment, the Changemaker Series drives audiences toward passion and activism around a specially curated topic each year…Five powerful films paint a picture of Environmental Responsibility and what we can do as a community to help our planet survive.”

Ticket prices range from $13-$20 depending on the movie. Passes are available if you want 5, 10, 14 tickets.

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