Be Well: Exercising Your Butt

Before Beyoncé, before the Kardashians…there was J Lo. She was the one who brought the booty back, making curvy women all over the world feel better about their bodies. But did you know having a great butt means your posture is also on point? Fitness expert and owner of The Warehouse, Nickie Carrigan, stopped by with a few moves to redefine your glutes and your health.

People tend to like to work the muscles that they see. Unfortunately our glutes can get a little bit lazy at firing unless we are doing specific exercises to target them. Weak glutes can cause your hip flexors and your pelvis to tuck under into an unnatural alignment. This can cause back pain and knee pain.

To check your own posture, you should be able to draw an imaginary line from your ear to shoulder, hip, knee to your ankle.

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