“Abominables” at Children’s Theatre Company

Children’s Theatre Company is taking to the rink. On stage! Its newest show is by Minnesotans for Minnesotans. There’s no better fit than hockey. The show is produced in association with New York City’s theatre company called The Civilians. The show was created over a four year period. All sorts of people were interviewed about their experience in the hockey world. The team talked to hockey players, parents, coaches and fans.

During the show the actors are on skates and it really does feel like you’re in a hockey arena. The set is perfect. The show is funny and entertaining for all ages. Even though the audiences include hockey fans, there are also lots of folks coming to the show because of the theater aspect, too. The creative team behind the show say that it has been a lot of fun to see the different types of people coming to see “Abominables”.

To learn more about the show, including ticket information, click here.

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