TCL Time Travels: North West Fur Post

Twin Cities Live is headed back to the 1800’s. The North West Fur Post in Pine City gives visitors a chance to see what it was like to be a French voyageur and a British fur trade clerk. See what they had to endure in order to survive and thrive. There’s a museum that’s hands on and allows you to see and feel what it was like to make things out fur.

You’ll see what they used to travel in along the waterways. You’ll also get an idea of what it took to carry their items across the water. You get to go inside an Ojibwe encampment and you’ll get to see all sorts of trails along the Snake River. The trails are open in the summer months to hike. You can ski and snowshoe in the winter.

Pine City has many other things to see, including some really great parks. Robinson Park is in the heart of downtown and is a great spot for kids to play. Families can also enjoy free music on the weekends throughout the summer as part of the Art in the Park Music Series.

Pine City has a new brewery. It’s called Three Twenty Brewing. There are also two wineries. Boondoggle Winery and Northern Hollow Winery.

If you’re looking for a cute and quaint spot for food head to Nicoll’s Café. Its family owned and has been around for more than forty years. You’ll find many of the family members still working there today. One of the waitresses has been working there for more than thirty five years. The staff is friendly and the food is good. They are best known for their breakfast. It’s located on Old Highway 61.

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