Fall Laundry Tips

The Laundry Evangelist and owner of Mona Williams, Patric Richardson, stopped by to share his fall to winter laundry tips.

Patric’s Tips:

-All down can be washed in the washing machine as long as you use soap, not detergent
-When drying a jacket or parka, toss it in the dryer on air fluff with 3 tennis balls
-When washing wool like sweaters put them in a mesh bag before washing
-Run through an express cycle and then put on drying rack
-Freshen up pieces that have been in storage by putting them in dryer with wool ball and essential oils
-Make sure your summer clothing is clean before storing
-If there is a stain and it’s not removed, it will oxidize over time

For more information on Patric’s Laundry Camps, click here.

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