DIY Fall Wreaths

Now is the time you can spruce up your front door! It’s not as hard as you may think. Our very crafty friend, Alexis Thompson from MyTalk 107.1 explains how you can easily add a dose of fall to your front door to go from boring to brilliant all thanks to burlap.


14 inch wreath form
30 feet burlap
36 inches of mesh tubing (optional)
18 inches of wire-edged ribbon (as many as you’d like)
12 pipe cleaners


Twist pipe cleaners on the wire form in the middle where the pieces are welded together and an additional piece on the two inner bars – 12 total.

Cut your burlap into 10 inch pieces. Grab two pieces of burlap. Gather the first one in the middle and gather the second one on the diagonal.

Twist both into the pipe cleaner then grab another piece of burlap, gather in the middle and twist on top of the other two pieces.

Cut your mesh and mesh tubing — gather and twist in too. Repeat on each and add more if you want a fuller look.

Add your embellishments using pipe cleaners. Twist a few times to secure – snip and hide the ends in the wreath.

Use another pipe cleaner to make a hanger.

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